The HEGO Training Week In Thessaloniki, Greece Is Finished!

23 Mar 2023

We are excited to announce that the HEGO project has successfully organized a one-week training program in Greece and we are proud to say that our training program was a huge success, thanks to the combined efforts of our trainers and participants! 

Last week, 15 students, who showed great enthusiasm and a desire to learn about herbal plants, participated in an intensive one-week training program organized by three organizations – two partners of the HEGO project (AUTh and ANETXA S.A.) and one external organization (DOMI DEVELOPMENT).

The program was aimed at promoting sustainable and innovative practices for the conservation, utilization, and processing of herbal plants.
Over the course of the week, with the help of 7 experienced trainers, we delivered exceptional training on various modules that focused on conservation, sustainability, legislation, management, processing, marketing, and funding.